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Friday, October 25, 2013

The Shift of the Media Paradigm

Throughout history, the growth of the media has affected Americans from all walks of life. There has been substantial changes as time wore on, based on the effectiveness of the media coverage and communication. From the humble beginnings of having one channel, to implementing color to enhance our experience, to having a variety of channels, this revolution has had an impact on how our society has developed. Nowadays, I believe that this new shift in the media paradigm as affected me in a positive way, because of the increased productivity and the fact that communicating information from different parts of the world, has brought me to be more rounded and aware of our society.
As a student, being scholastically successful has been a major priority for myself. However, I have learned and understood that over time, employing different aspects of life and my environment to what I do is absolutely important. What do I mean? Well, in order to be a well-rounded student, and to be active in society, you must be able to learn from other parts of the world, and also have a diverse perspective of life in general and the different cultures that are around. The level of information and data that is shared and communicated through the media makes it easily accessible to an individual like me. Having all of these tools within my reach has made it easy to not only type up a research paper in a jiffy, but also it has allowed me to broaden my horizon. Textbooks are one source of information; however it's not always up-to-date. With the media, there are different articles and videos of the same topic, but have a given variety from a lot of people's ideals. And from this, I could make my own judgment from the information presented, and come out with a compromised ideal of what information I'm learning about.
All sorts of media has affected my life in a positive way. Because of social media, I am able to keep in touch with friends and family who aren't just down the street anymore. Admittedly, us humans are sociable people, and having the people close to us still within contact is important to us. Although it isn't addressed outwardly, we like keeping track of what people are up to. Seeing how they have grown through the years, and even have a picture or two of a special event that we missed out on. And I believe that it's important to keep in touch with those people.

Because of consumer media and the internet, it has transformed me into a productive student both academically and worldly. I have learned to incorporate all the information types that can be found around the internet to implement them both in my studies, and also into my day-to-day life. It has affected me in a way that I will always stay in touch with the world, beyond my finger-tips. One Google search at a time.

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