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Friday, October 25, 2013

The Shift of the Media Paradigm

Throughout history, the growth of the media has affected Americans from all walks of life. There has been substantial changes as time wore on, based on the effectiveness of the media coverage and communication. From the humble beginnings of having one channel, to implementing color to enhance our experience, to having a variety of channels, this revolution has had an impact on how our society has developed. Nowadays, I believe that this new shift in the media paradigm as affected me in a positive way, because of the increased productivity and the fact that communicating information from different parts of the world, has brought me to be more rounded and aware of our society.
As a student, being scholastically successful has been a major priority for myself. However, I have learned and understood that over time, employing different aspects of life and my environment to what I do is absolutely important. What do I mean? Well, in order to be a well-rounded student, and to be active in society, you must be able to learn from other parts of the world, and also have a diverse perspective of life in general and the different cultures that are around. The level of information and data that is shared and communicated through the media makes it easily accessible to an individual like me. Having all of these tools within my reach has made it easy to not only type up a research paper in a jiffy, but also it has allowed me to broaden my horizon. Textbooks are one source of information; however it's not always up-to-date. With the media, there are different articles and videos of the same topic, but have a given variety from a lot of people's ideals. And from this, I could make my own judgment from the information presented, and come out with a compromised ideal of what information I'm learning about.
All sorts of media has affected my life in a positive way. Because of social media, I am able to keep in touch with friends and family who aren't just down the street anymore. Admittedly, us humans are sociable people, and having the people close to us still within contact is important to us. Although it isn't addressed outwardly, we like keeping track of what people are up to. Seeing how they have grown through the years, and even have a picture or two of a special event that we missed out on. And I believe that it's important to keep in touch with those people.

Because of consumer media and the internet, it has transformed me into a productive student both academically and worldly. I have learned to incorporate all the information types that can be found around the internet to implement them both in my studies, and also into my day-to-day life. It has affected me in a way that I will always stay in touch with the world, beyond my finger-tips. One Google search at a time.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

In memory of me.

What happens after I die? What would the world be like? How would people react? This question just pops up every now and then for me. Ultimately as many people, both philosophers, authors, and other individuals state: Your memory will be forgotten.
Long after the shock sets in and everyone starts accepting the fact of my death, people would literally start fading my image away from their minds. My memory, if it makes a substantial impact on people, will hopefully stay alive, but it would only become a second thought. Not a priority when it was still fresh. It will only become something that comes into mind every so often in everyone's day-to-day routine.
People will just move on. My empty seat will be replaced by someone new, someone will be there to fill the empty space in which I occupied before.
Then, there will be a time where everyone would forget about me. Everything will just rot away like everything else. Maybe my soul will be recycled, or ascends up into Heaven or whatever happens in the afterlife. Who knows? Or maybe I'll just be this numbed soul that doesn't feel anything, nor is conscious over what's going on. You never know.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

What exactly is faith?

What exactly is faith in the eyes of the oblivious? Well, I believe faith comes in many different forms. From differing religions, to different ideals. In the end, they all lead up to one conclusion: That all souls who have served with great piety will reach eternal salvation. The Buddhists believe that all souls who have reached a certain succession of positive endearment, will mutually have good karma returned to them. In the end, their soul will be enlightened. (If I'm wrong, please correct me.)
Christians of all forms believe that their souls will reach Heaven if they follow the word of God. That Jesus, the son of God, will open the gates of Heaven and welcome all of those who have done good deeds in their duration of their lifetime here on Earth.
The mass of religion and their complexity is all an entanglement of deeper meaning, yet from those two examples, we can subject ourselves to believing that all faiths just basically say that our souls will go somewhere much better, without the suffering and heartache that Earth happens to provide to us.

I believe that faith really is a getaway from all the woes and heartaches that this world provides for us. Our world in this time, can be metaphorically be called a "labyrinth" (I take this with great inspiration from John Green's 'Looking for Alaska. Great book, by the way.) where all eternal suffering and transgressions can be escaped through faith, to those who believe. Those who seek for a way out, or just to ease the fear of the afterlife, we use faith as our guidance.
In the end, we actually don't have a clue what exactly would happen once we cross over to the next stage in our lives. How can we? No matter the spiritual or scientific evidence we have, we'd only have to wait. Otherwise, to those who keep faith in whatever you believe in for what is next to come in the afterlife, keep believing. Even if it's not a religion, it's human nature to just believe in something. It drives the human soul to go onward, in hopes of reaching enlightenment and fulfillment in something, during our time here in this so-called "labyrinth".

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Time and distance are a cruel duo

Yesterday was our homecoming game at our high school, which apparently is a big deal. Dress-up days, bonfires, green & white (our school colors) just bogs down every other color, and of course the talk of getting dresses and dates.
The game itself is something else, practically everyone from the whole town comes and participates. They come in their sweaters and warm clothes, screaming at the football players and stare at anticipation at the score board (which of course, we dominated).
Me, being a cheerleader, is just jumping around screaming random cheers and screaming at the players for motivation.
Yet, last night during halftime after our victorious routine, I found out my nephew started sitting by himself. You know the emotions I went through? I literally punched my phone typing some sort of congratulations and some words of elated happiness that I really couldn't express. I even went up to my coach, because it is a proud moment. He's growing up!
Then, I felt really down. How is it that I'm here, where he's way over somewhere else? I thought about how I wanted to be there to witness every stage of his life, then I started to worry that he's forgotten his Auntlers based on what my mom said. What if when I see him again, he'd see a stranger instead? That's something a Child Specialist could answer, but it makes me sad to think about that. I'm trying my very best to try and still be involved with him and his life as much as I can, but it doesn't compare to being there in person to dance around with him and sing corny Taylor Swift songs with him.
Honestly, during summer he was almost glued to my side. We watched "Ni Hao Kai Lan" and even "Spongebob". I'd take naps with him, and tickle his tummy whenever I changed his diaper. Sometimes when he was in the mood to lay down and play, I'd read him Harry Potter or something along those lines, and he'd intently listen or stare at the bright covers. I could honestly say he is my best friend. Even though he's still an infant, he could interpret when I'm happy or sad, and he still has that innocence where he could look at the world without judgement. If you feed him, basically he loves you forever. It's as simple as that.
Hopefully very soon I could see him, but for now, I'll be here in Nevada doing my best to inspire him when he grows up.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

The piano lady with a big heart

Just recently I was talking to a friend who shared a common interest in playing the piano. When the subject came up, I wasn't exactly ready to hear what her next words were.
I asked her how my teacher was doing, since she has a history of being ill quite often, and what came next absolutely blew my mind. She told me that days after summer vacation started, she passed away.
Honestly, I was extremely devastated. I held back the tears, and I tried to convince myself that all this was just a rumor, and that everything was going to be alright, after all, sometimes rumors in Fallon could be misconstrued. So I did what every one else does: Look it up. And scrolling through the results, I found it to be true. My head felt extremely dizzy as the thoughts just whirled around my head. I felt guilty, because something in my heart told me to go back to her one last time before vacation started. I even wanted to go back to taking lessons, although the only thing holding me back was her present incline and decline of her health, and I didn't want her to stress herself out.
Besides, she was a strong person. She went through pretty much anything possible and still kept a smile on her face. And I'm going to miss seeing that smile every week.

I started playing piano around the 5th grade after being inspired to use the piano in the house that was steadily collecting a layer of dust after months of abandonment after my sister left for college. I got up and polished the beautiful dark wood, and I dusted each key until it was Ivory-white again.
Then we set out looking for different piano teachers, from downtown to even looking for ads in the newspaper, then out of the blue, we went back to the dance studio and found a number for a piano teacher for a reasonable price. With my breath held in, we dialed her number and immediately she answered, welcoming us with an open greeting.
Upon arriving for my first lesson, I walked up the wooden red railings and knocked on the white door.
When the door opened I saw an old lady with red hair, dressed up in her finest clothes, from glimmering rings to jeweled necklaces, in her small wheelchair. And immediately, I knew she was THE piano teacher for me.
Every practice, we had ranging discussions from school, achievements, politics, philosophy, music, home decorating, to even our personal lives. Her many stories of her childhood amused me, and there were even some moments where I'd wonder what happened to her husband? Does she ever feel alone? Did she ever have a first love? So many things that I wanted to know. To me, old people have many things to tell you, a lifetime of stories that must be heard.
There was one day though, that happened to stand out the most for me. When I entered and situated myself in front of the grand piano, I noticed a bouquet of brightly colored flowers on the tea table, along with a picture of a laughing man around 70 years old placed almost ceremoniously by the vase. I asked her who he was, and immediately her eyes sparkled and her lips turned to a bright smile. He was one of her great friends, who recently became a widower, and decided to visit her and recollect on their shared memories they had. She told me how extravagant their date was, how they were both lost in conversation, and immersed in each other. This compelled me to think that she loved him to an extent. Just seeing her morph into a schoolgirl just babbling about her crush made me realize that love never ceases because of age. And I just sat there, truly in awe of what I saw, because as much as I learned from her, this probably would be one of the most defining lessons she would have ever taught me.

In the end, she was one of the major figures in my life. She believed in me, and she believed in music. She put her heart and soul into teaching, and the emotion she put in all the pieces of music she played was fueled with vehemence.
I'm going to miss you Ms. Ricks. Thank you for everything.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Apples and textbooks

Where does the time go? First you're walking through a playground, happily swinging from a monkey bar and giving your teachers a bright red apple that gleamed in the light that it seemed sort of fake. Then you're off into a world filled with the pressure to be perfect that gleamed with the worry of friends and your reputation. Afterwards, you're in this weird awkward stage where you don't know where you are, but you have a sense of who you are. And you try to sift through all the worries and pressures to really find the distinct person you lead in yourself.
Now, I'm back in school starting Sophomore year, and I'm asking myself... Where did the time go? Honestly life feels like it's whizzing right in front of my eyes, and there's no way of clutching it to make it pause for just a little bit. Relishing in the supposed good days is what I really wish to do, it's not like you're going to get these memories back again.
So what happens now? I believe that this year will be funner than last year. As I've stated before, I made some goals for myself, and I plan to fulfill them to the best of my ability, and even go beyond. Actually, I have a pretty positive outlook on what is to happen soon.
Taking an AP course as a Sophomore? I think yes.
Varsity Cheerleading? For sure.
Sprinter, and hopefully distance running for track? I'm more than obliged.
Every class an honors class? I'm thinking of Universities, baby!
And everything in between, well that's all just committed to what will become my memories.

For now, live up each football game, and relish in the rays of the remaining heat that lingers in the last days of summer.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Summer's dusk turns to twilight

As summer's beginning turns to an ending, I start to remember everything that has happened over the course of the three months filled with beaches and sunsets rather than school textbooks and teachers.
This recollection submerges me to a state of nostalgia, yearning to come back those days where I felt the most happiness in my heart, and those days where everything negative seemed to disappear out of the blue.
Everything that has happened brought me back home with a new sense of perspective. Honestly, I found that old incentive that once sparked inside me to really tackle on everything with a head held high, but with feet planted firmly on the ground.
I've spent countless nights sitting outside either listening to the silence, or watching the moon glimmer out in the sea, sorting out everything in my mind and just thinking about most of what I want my priorities to be. There's also just being around people who have been huge figures in my life and learning from them about myself and more of whats to come in the future. Learning from other's experiences made me realize more and more of the hidden answer under the mass confusion that clenched on me for such a long time.
Then there's my nephew, even from a standpoint of a baby, he inspired me to look onward and not backwards. Whenever I felt down, I'd look to him to see his big round eyes smiling at me. For some reason, his innocence and wonderment is all I needed. Maybe it's because he's still looking at the world with brand-new eyes, and everything new captures his amazement. And with that, he gave me the motive to really look onward at everything and admire it's beauty, for the future is the brightest treasure that one could wait for.
Each and every day that passed was more of an adventure than one can think of. Crashing against the tide on a boat, to spending hour upon hour playing with my nephew, to even just laughing really loud at a bookstore. Everything that happened is equally amazing to me.
Now since fall is beginning, and school is starting, I've made the goal to do everything with all my might, and find a smile in everything to continue onward to wherever I need to go.